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I founded Carpe Diem Cleaning, The Exchange, The Wedding Exchange here in Durham, North Carolina, and am a partner to many kingdom-minded entrepreneurial women seeking to increase their impact.

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About Wendy

At the age of 19, having no interest or passion for cleaning, suffering from dust and mold allergies and with only one hundred dollars, she created her own cleaning business. Carpe Diem Cleaning is now the largest locally owned cleaning business in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC area.
Her businesses changed the landscape of her urban community and transformed hundreds of lives.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Gifted in leadership and entrepreneurship Wendy currently holds the position of President of Entrepreneur’s Organization, a local chapter in Raleigh Durham. EO is a global network of highly successful and financially secure business leaders.

By day, Wendy navigates and builds her business using the Bible to guide each step and in the evenings, when she is not at a baseball game or in her pajamas, she can be found reading or planning her next field trip adventure with her young son. Always ready to share and inspire anyone with the next creative idea, Wendy K. Clark is a pioneering truth-seeking strategist that will inspire and empower change in an honest and easy conversation.

Fighting The Tyrant Called Urgent! 
Download this free pdf and set of exercises that helps unlock success in your business, your life, and in the world around you using a process called Strategic Goal Mapping.

Practical and applicable to life and business.​
Wendy is a great motivational speaker who has great content to inspire and teach and she weaves in personal stories of her own life, struggles and successes. Her message is practical and applicable to life and business. She's calm and gracious in her tone, but passionate in her care for each audience member. It was fantastic how Wendy stayed attuned to the audience and was flexible to meet our needs. I left her talk inspired and challenged to grow personally and professionally.
CARY FARRELL / Clutter Free NC
Your Guide to Make Dreams a Reality...​
Before I began taking Wendy's courses I felt very overwhelmed by our business, family, and the dreams God gave us.   Wendy gave me the practical steps I need to take my dreams and make them a reality. She has opened up the books in her business to teach us how to build a profitable business and has opened her heart to share truths from God's word and her life experiences to encourage us in the unique struggles of being an entrepreneur.   She is equipping me to build a kingdom-minded business that will transform communities one step at a time.
ASHLEY ODVODY / Sommelier's Roast, Bethesda Roasting Company, and mother of 3  
Absolutely Life Changing.
Early this year I had the opportunity to attend Wendy Clark’s Goal Setting Workshop.  It was absolutely life-changing, and my immediate reaction was that I way underpaid for what I got !  I got so much practical knowledge, great examples, and the encouragement I needed through the stories that Wendy shared of her own journey.  It made it real that my aspirations were in reach.  Wendy is not only gifted in the practical knowledge of what it takes to run and grow a business, but in being able to communicate it clearly to others, and she generously shares that knowledge.  Powerful! 
DAWN G. DREW / CEO, The Wow Factor, Inc.
Leverage Your Unique Traits
I began a coaching relationship with Wendy after meeting her at a Leadership Workshop in 2022. She said she saw something in me and that she thought she could be of some assistance. In less than six months, Wendy was able to help me realize that some of my personality traits that I had previously seen as weaknesses are far from being. I don’t need to apologize for who I am, but rather lean into it and learn how to combine and leverage my unique traits to be a positive influence in the world. This has resulted in a renewed sense of worth and confidence. As a result, I have built a clearer picture of who I truly am and what I am meant to do. This has allowed me to confidently make some major changes in my life, and I have never felt like a better father, husband, or entrepreneur.
Cody Forristall / PowerTech
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