My Personal Ecosystem

How do I summarize my goals to fill the “dash” between the day that I was born and the day I die? After years of thought- if I loved well and steward well and it was written not only on the tablet of my gravestone but on the hearts of those that know me; then I am at peace that I have lived my life well.

To that end, I think mostly in pictures. So in order to process all the areas of my life; I needed a photo of what I am stewarding. This is my first iteration of it.

Today I had coffee with one of my friends of wisdom. As we were reviewing my ecosystem some clarity of thoughts came.

  • First- it is truly a picture that captures a moment in time. It already needs updating.
  • Two- it prioritizes the transactional aspect of my relationships, not the relational part.
  • Three- Life is three-dimensional and it’s difficult to fully capture it in a two-dimensional way.
  • Four- It’s still super helpful as imperfect as it is, to take “photos” of your life. If you aim for nothing, you will achieve it!
Meaningful Life Concept. Notebooks, pen and colored pencils on a wooden table.