Sometimes Our Greatest “Weaknesses” Is Our Strength

Lately, I’ve been having a pivotal conversation with a friend about a challenge in their life. For the past six months, they have been looking at this challenge as a liability.

I’ve been working to find a way to communicate succinctly to them that often, our greatest weakness is our greatest strength. Our stewardship and mindset towards what we consider a liability/weakness/suffering/pain is the most likely the key to unlocking our dreams and purposes.

This week, two stories presented themselves to me and allowed me to find this articulation.

Mary Angelini & Gabi

I recently had the privilege of visiting the Women Business Owners Network. This all-women networking community meets monthly and supports one another in their entrepreneurial ventures.

The featured speakers for this meet were Mary & Gabi Angelini. They shared their story about founding Gabi’s Grounds & Gab’s PALS. Mary founded this business after realizing no one would hire her daughter Gabi, who has Down Syndrome.

Gabi’s Down Syndrome may often be seen as a liability, but it is actually an asset. I loved hearing their story of discovering the gift of their lives.

Musa Motha’s Journey

Then this morning, a friend posted about Musa Motha. Musa was diagnosed with cancer at a young age which led to him having to have his leg amputated. Before the amputation, he was a football player. After his amputation, he fell in love with music, learned how to dance, and went on to compete in Britain’s Got Talent.

Musa took what happened to him and created hope and beauty to share with the world. This emotional video of Musa Motha’s first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent brought me to tears.

Today, I challenge you to consider what your pain is. What is your suffering? What could be the gift that is hidden within that you get to share with our world?

I look forward to experiencing it!